Motivation vs Manipulation


A mistake many managers make is thinking they are motivating people when in reality they are manipulating them.

Manipulation is a way for one person to get someone else to do something that is wanted or needed without the second person receiving anything significant in return. This method of getting others to do something usually results in a loss of true motivation. When people realize that they have been manipulated, it is normal for them to feel used or even abused because of it.

One simple way to avoid becoming a manipulator is to determine why you are asking a person or group to accomplish a task. If it is to get you out of doing it or to get something for free, there is a good chance that you will be using manipulation to get the job done. Examine the outcome of the process. Is it highly likely that the person who does the work will feel good about the job or receive some personal benefit from it? If this is not the case, you can assume that at least part of the process is more manipulation than motivation.

Money is sometimes a leaver of motivation. But it is not always money that is the driving factor of motivation. Dan Pink´s Youtube Clip:The surprising truth about what motivates us, is inteststing to watch! Enjoy!

Social Sales and Customer 2.0

Social Sales and Customer 2.0

All selling is social. Always has been. Always will be.Before Facebook, before LinkedIn, before the web in fact, people bought from people in social ways. They asked for advice from friends, they gave their opinions over the garden fence and they wrote strident letters to manufacturers when products failed to live up to their promises

social selling

There is a growing amount of buzz about a concept called “social selling” (often used synonymously with Sales 2.0). What many people call social selling is, in reality, social marketing, which is why it’s more effective in the mass B2C market than B2B. While it has a role in B2B, it is a role, not the entire sales process, as some might suggest. There are definitely times when social helps a sale. The operative words in social media are “connect,” “follow,” “like,” or “friend.” In B2B selling, the focus is on direct contact: relationships, personal interaction, and occasionally intimate interaction between two people is crucial to success.

A sound strategy to segmenting and targeting your market, then executing your plan with a combination of traditional marketing and social marketing, will take you further and faster than going strictly social. As with most trends, it’s not a question of one versus the other, but how to leverage the best of both.

Here are 5 plays from the new Sales Playbook (from

1. Build credibility and trust by sharing quality information on social media about your prospects problems – don’t always point to your organization’s products as the solution.

2. Build a following by engaging in conversations with industry thought leaders, influencers and potential customers – don’t sell, just be helpful.

3. Engage current prospects in the sales pipeline on social media – again be helpful.

4. Promote industry thought leaders, influencers, partners, and suppliers on social channels – this will show potential customers that you’re a generous and quality person.

5. Turn your competitor’s customer complaints into new sales opportunities – be careful here, but there’s no harm in helping someone in need.

2013 is the year I´m starting to blog…

2013 is the year I´m starting to blog.

The aim and my mission for blogging are to spread and share knowledge about Human Capital Development, Leadership and Sales Development as well as Change Management and Coaching. To share my working days in different environments and with different topics.  My core contribution lies in the mastery of behaviour and its conditions. In other words, Human Interaction and Performance.

Krauthammer ( is the company I work for. I´m Swedish, living in Stockholm. Have a passion for travel and enjoying different kinds of sport activities when chances are given. To be out in the nature, and especially in the mountains, is for me the ultimate way of metal relaxation! This pic. is from my first 4000 peak, Castor & Pollux in Switzerland together with my husband.

Enjoy the ride!

My first day blogging! 30 jan 2013!