2013 is the year I´m starting to blog…

2013 is the year I´m starting to blog.

The aim and my mission for blogging are to spread and share knowledge about Human Capital Development, Leadership and Sales Development as well as Change Management and Coaching. To share my working days in different environments and with different topics.  My core contribution lies in the mastery of behaviour and its conditions. In other words, Human Interaction and Performance.

Krauthammer (www.krauthammer.com) is the company I work for. I´m Swedish, living in Stockholm. Have a passion for travel and enjoying different kinds of sport activities when chances are given. To be out in the nature, and especially in the mountains, is for me the ultimate way of metal relaxation! This pic. is from my first 4000 peak, Castor & Pollux in Switzerland together with my husband.

Enjoy the ride!

My first day blogging! 30 jan 2013!


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