“The law of attractions” and leadership


Quota by Henry Ford: Whether you think you can or can’t either way you are right.

The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that “like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy. The Law of Attraction has been popularized in recent years by books and films such as “The Secret”.

Leadership is an important subject when it comes to the law of attraction.  Why leadership? What attracts us to some leaders, and makes us avoid others? And what are you going to do differently in the future?

Everyone is a leader to someone. Leadership is in each one of us. The amount that you utilize this gift to be a leader will all depend on you. Utilizing the principles of the Law of Attraction in a leadership role consciously will attract more results and success. These principles can carry on from being a leader in your business to being a leader at home.

Leadership tips – Law of Attraction:

You create you reality and therefore you must take responsibility for your reality and actions. The sooner you get you control the output by your thoughts, feelings, words and actions the sooner you can create the life and business you want. Lead by example and you will have a great team by your side. This is one of the principles many have a hard time dealing with.

Do no try to do everything on your own. Ask for feedback, ideas and work together with your team to meet your goals. You may be a leader but you are also a partner. Cooperation and collaboration are necessary.

Be consciously aware of your energy and choose to make it a positive one and spread positive vibes. The higher your vibrations the more connected and grounded you are, the more inspired you are and because of this you will see greater success. Pay attention to your energy. If you are in a bad mood, your energy can and will transfer to those around you.

When you are focused on abundance, taking action and the possibilities people will be drawn to you. If you are leading by example and utilizing the Law of Attraction, than having an awesome personality will be easy for you to do.

Do not be judgmental, rather be open-minded and concentrate on solutions. Put yourself in their shoes. Better yet ask them what you can do for them to really understand where they are coming from and how you can better assist them.

Share Visions
Create a plan, a vision. Have a plan for your advertising, marketing and more. Share these plans with those working with you and get their feedback and mastermind on improving the plans. By having a set direction that is agreed on will promote teamwork, responsibility, confidence and action.

Give more value than what is asked. You will be setting the Law in motion to provide you with more than what you expect and be setting a great example. Whatever you do, do it to the max. Go beyond what people expect of you.

Passionate Choices
When others see you are passionate about the decisions you are making it will help for those decisions to be embraced and understood. When you are passionate and inspired about your choices it comes through in your presentation and implementation.

Positive Self-Talk
Keeping your self-talk positive and focused will make the rest of your day much brighter and easier. Do not let doubt, lack or other negative thoughts enter into your self-talk. When you perceive something to be negative, look for the positive or create a positive.

Open to Possibilities
Being resistant is a surefire way to get the opposite of what you want. Be open to utilizing these principles in your life so you can create the success and happiness you deserve. Have an open-mind to the Law of Attraction and what it can do for you as Leader and in your life.


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