Blended learning

 blended_learn_nonstopWhile the term “blended learning” has recently become a new buzzword, the actual concept or practice has been around for several years. In today’s economic uncertainty, one of the biggest challenges companies probably facing is how to provide their workforce with training opportunities to help them to develop their skills and prepare the them for advancement. Developing and implementing a blended learning approach to a training programs gives the organization the ability to do more with less, while building a higher performing organization and giving the workforce the skills they need to grow and advance in their careers.


Blended LearningWhen we talk about ‘the blend’, we no longer simply mean a mix of traditional e-learning and classroom training and the concept of the standalone ‘course’ is arguably redundant. Today, the term blended learning means combining two or more approaches to enhance learning and development, using face-to-face learning methods (on-the-job training, instructor-led classroom training, etc.) and some variation of online/virtual learning (webinars, live e-learning [virtual classrooms], web-based learning modules, etc.). There are several different ways to enhance your workforce’s learning experience, and the following reasons outline why blended learning, when used properly, is one of the most effective ways to train and develop your workforce, while improving your organization’s overall performance.


The European E-learning barometer teaches us that today already 7% of the e-learning audience is senior management, 22% general management and 6% high potential.  It has also found that 37% of companies use e-learning components for management and leadership training.


Together with our partner,, Krauthammer  ( is developing different types of client based-programs. We see a trend that many of our clients enhance instructor-led trainingprograms with online programs.

Are you our next client that wants to build a future performance platform together with us or want to know more? You are welcome to contact us!


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